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for calories' tracking based on your goals.

About Our App

The Food&Tracker is more than a calorie counter. This app helps you to define and achieve your goals. It gives you a transparent, user-friendly interface to record and track your meals, sport activities, and other values.

Calorie counter

Record the consumed and burned calories on a transparent and user-friendly interface. Compare the obtained result with your goals.

Customizable tracking

If you would like, track your sports activities and burned calories, fluid intake, weight change, and blood sugar.

Consumption calculation

With the help of one of our calculators, you can check how the consumption of a particular food would affect your daily calorie values.

Trustable database

Our base database contains the most common foods, drinks and meals in 32 categories and their list of ingredients, tips for preparation, and nutrition values. These values cannot be edited by the users.

Add own food and drinks

Customize the database to your liking! You can hide categories that are not relevant to you, create your own categories and add your own food, meals, and drinks. You can also share these with other users.

Meal calculator

Do you like to cook? Would you like to know the nutrition values of your food? Use our Meal calculator and count the nutrition values of your food for 100 grams, 100 milliliters, or 1 serving and save it in your categories.

How the App Works?

Register and fill in the required data after your first time logging in!

Create your own account, where you can track your goals, progress, and other useful information for you. When you log in for the first time, enter your data and we calculate the ideal calorie intake for you and the associated target values.

Personalize the application based on your liking!

Set up those targets, which you don’t want to exceed. Hide features, which are not relevant to you and only use those ones, which help you to achieve your goals.

Count the calories!

In the Daily consumption menu, record the consumed food and drinks to find out your daily calorie intake and compare it to your goals.

Use additional functions and calculators!

Record your sports activities, your fluid intake, weight changes and your blood sugar level. Use our calculators to calculate the nutrition values of your own foods.

Expand and personalize the database!

Hide the categories, which are not relevant to you, or create new categories, and add your own food, drinks, and meals. If you want, share these with your family and friends!

Write comments and check your past values!

Write daily comments or check your past performance in the reports, where you can find your values of consumed and burnt calories and fluid intake.