Paleo Hamburger With Mushroom


  • 4 heads larger grill mushroom or portobello mushroom
  • 200 g minced beef or pork
  • 1 egg
  • Salt, pepper, green spices
  • Half head onion
  • Lettuce, cucumber, tomato
  • Coconut fat for frying
  • Olive oil for baking



1.) Make a marinade from the olive oil with salt, pepper, and green spices.

2.) Grease the mushrooms with the marinade and leave it on for a while.

3.) Meanwhile, make the meatballs.

4.) Add 1 egg to the minced meat, season it and then form small patties from it.

5.) Heat the coconut fat in a larger pan and fry the meatballs.

6.) Meanwhile, grill the mushrooms.

7.) Cut the vegetables together.

8.) Once you have drained the meatballs and mushrooms, put together your paleo hamburger.

9.) Put a slice of onion on a mushroom head, then the meat on it, a piece of salad, cucumber, and tomatoes on it. Finally, put the other mushroom head on it. It's done.

10.) The mushroom heads are not that big, so they’ll be little mini burgers. If you use the larger-headed portobello mushroom, you can make a normal-sized hamburger from it.

Datos de nutrientes (100 g)
Energía (kcal) 107
Proteína (g) 9
Grasa (g) 6
- Saturado (g) 1
- Insaturado (g) 4
- Múltiple instaurado (g) 1
Carbohidrato (g) 3
- Cabrohidratos de liberación lenta (g) 3
- Cabrohidratos de liberación rápida (g) 0
- Azúcar (g) 2
Índice glucémico 10
Fibra (g) 0
Sin gluten No
Sin lactosa No